Why you should use a Roger Cox Broker
to sell your New Mexico business

As you have seen, selling a business in New Mexico is a complex process that requires professional expertise. Many business owners that try to save money by selling the business themselves often end up spending all their energy selling the business, and losing focus on running the business. The business goes downhill without the focus and attention of the owner, which scares away potential buyers.

Some business owners know a friend that is a real estate agent, and ask the friend to sell the business for them. As you may know, real estate is a vast topic and contains many specialties. There are agents that only work with residential real estate, agents that only work with commercial real estate, and agents that only sell businesses.

Real estate agents that only sell businesses are known as business brokers. Here is a list of specialized knowledge and skills that is required of a good business broker:

• Business Valuation: the ability to price the business accurately.

• Recasting: analyze and reconstruct company financials to show the Owner’s Discretionary Income.

• Marketing: the ability to prepare a 15 – 20 page marketing packet on your business.

• Database of Qualified Buyers: having a list of qualified buyers in addition to contacting potential buyers across the nation.

• Interview Buyers: the ability to eliminate buyers that are not a good fit for your business, so you do not waste your time.

• Confidentiality: the ability to maintain confidentiality of your business sale during every step of the process.

• Draft Business Offers: the ability to draft letter of intents, and purchase & sale agreements to purchase businesses.

• Bank Contacts: knowing the right bankers and convincing them to finance the deal quickly.

• Landlord negotiation: the ability to negotiate with the landlord to make the deal happen.

• Negotiation with franchise (if applicable): facilitating the process with getting the franchise transferred.

• Facilitation at closing: ensuring that closing happens smoothly and that the buyer does not walk away from the closing table.